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Since a young age I have had a love for animals, in particular dogs.  I have many happy memories of our family dog Pinky from my childhood.  I carried on this interest throughout school and studied Biological Sciences at Exeter University.  For the past ten years I have worked as a Primary School teacher.

My passion for dog training was ignited when my husband and I brought home Dory, our first puppy. If I am honest, despite doing copious research into puppies, the reality was not quite what I was expecting. I then spent many hours finding out about the best methods for training and began implementing positive, reward based training methods, something which I pride myself on using today. Whilst training Dory I realised I was actually very good at it, and decided to pursue it as a career path.

I studied Sarah Whitehead’s Think Dog Certificate and took part in the Think Dog Practical under the expert guidance of Sarah Whitehead and Stella Bagshaw.  I am also a member of CAPBT (COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers).

At home we now also have Womble who, along with Dory, helps to keep my training skills honed. One size definitely does not fit all when training a dog and I can work with you and all your family to tailor a programme to ensure that you will have a dog that you can be proud of for many years to come. I particularly enjoy working with children and dogs as it is a joy to witness the long lasting bond and friendship that is created. I also get to help shape the next generation of dog trainers, instilling in them the importance of positive, reward-based training methods and ensuring this best practice continues for years to come.

As well as training dogs I also have a keen interest in pet photography, reading dog (and cat) books and eating chocolate!

I look forward to working with you and your new puppy or family dog - let’s Start Right together.  

What Makes AngelPets Puppy and Dog Training Different?

“I would definitely recommend Sam to anyone wanting puppy training,                          

and the fact that she fits around your schedule and comes to your home

means that the whole thing is far less stressful for all!”

Belay and Phyllis



 I only use modern, kind, fair and effective positive, reward based methods.  I follow the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) UK’s code of practice. I don’t use fear, intimidation or punishment as these cause mental and physical trauma to dogs.

To find out more about the APDT UK click here.

“Family friendly Training  - let’s start  right Together.” Enquire Now

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Meet Samantha

Samantha is proud to have trained with Sarah Whitehead having completed her Think Dog! Certificate and Think Dog! Practical Training courses. Samantha is also a member of CAPBT, having completed the COAPE Companion Animal Diploma.

Samantha has experience of working with a range of dogs, but her passion is working with families with new puppies, in order to help them ‘Start Right’ so that they have a puppy who is well behaved at home and can be taken out and about anywhere.

If it is important for you to have a well behaved puppy or dog at home and when out and about get in touch to find out how your dream can become your reality.

                            “Buddy is becoming such a lovely member of the family because of                              everything Sam has taught us”

                               Buddy, Natalie and Scott

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