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Pre-Puppy Visits


Are you just about to get a new puppy? Do you want everything in place before they arrive home for a stress free start?

You've just been to the breeder and picked out the perfect puppy for your family but you may have many questions: ‘What items do I need to buy before my puppy arrives home?’ - ‘How do I toilet train my puppy in a kind (and efficient) way?’ - ‘How will I stop my puppy biting?’ - ‘How can I ensure safe interactions between my puppy and all family members?’ - ‘How can I safely socialise my puppy so as not to create any problems for the future?’

A Pre-Puppy visit is the ideal solution to allow you and all your family to feel confident and comfortable with your puppy from the moment they arrive home and give you a stress free start to life with your new puppy.

Pre-Puppy Visit

All sessions are tailored to you and you can ask as many questions

as you like. Sessions will typically cover the following:

Toilet training - how and where to train your puppy in a kind efficient way

Crate training - how this can help with toilet training and provide puppy with a safe space

Chewing - how to get your puppy hooked on chewing the right things

Puppy biting- understanding what this is and how to deal with it

First days (and nights!) - an idea of what you can expect in those early days and nights and how to set up a routine for your puppy

Socialisation and Habituation - how to help your puppy grow into a confident dog

Getting your home ready - top tips for puppy proofing your house and garden

Children and puppy safety - what safe interactions look like and how to encourage them

Diet - advice on the different types of food available

Breed traits - how you can fulfil and enrich your puppy’s life

Techniques - help to prevent problems such as possessiveness over food and toys

Bonding - how to play with your dog to create a life long relationship of love and trust

Invest in your puppy today and save time, worry and money in the future!

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Postcodes covered: MK7, MK10, MK17, MK40, MK41, MK42, MK43, MK44, MK45

Other areas covered but for a small additional fee for extra travel time and car costs.