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Puppy not home yet?

For the ultimate stress free start book a pre-puppy session. This will allow you to have all the information you need about toilet training, biting, routines etc in place before your puppy comes home so you can ‘Start Right’ from the first day. This session also gives help in setting up and puppy proofing your house and garden. This session is 1 hour 30 minutes. Click here to find out more.


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One-to-One Puppy Training in your own Home


Do you want a puppy who is well behaved at home, in the park and who can enjoy visits to friends and days out? Then look no further - there is an AngelPets Puppy Package for you.

One to one training can make a huge difference with a new puppy. It helps develop a lasting bond between you and your puppy and teaches them the skills needed to be a well behaved dog both at home and when out and about. Setting aside the time for some one to one training in your own home can really help:

One to one training is ideal for owners with:

During this critical phase of development for your new puppy, choose to ‘Start Right’ and give them the best possible start in their forever home.


Puppy Training Packages

All puppy training packages are bespoke and tailored to your needs.

However, they typically include the following sessions:

The Perfect Puppy Package includes all six sessions above.

The Wonderful Puppy Package includes the sessions Settling in at Home - Well Behaved at Home - Happy to be Handled - Perfect in the Park

The Good Puppy Package includes the sessions Settling in at Home - Well Behaved at Home - Perfect in the Park

Design your own package - choose any two or more of the above sessions, or let me know your training goals and I can design a package especially for you

“Very happy to recommend Sam's excellent service to anyone who is looking for support through those full on crazy puppy dog days and wants a well behaved and happy dog as they mature.”

Floyd, Sally and Tony

Additional Puppy Services:

Postcodes covered: MK7, MK10, MK17, MK40, MK41, MK42, MK43, MK44, MK45

Other areas covered but for a small additional fee for extra travel time and car costs.