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Top Tips for a Stress Free Christmas with your Dog

Presents under the tree

It’s a good idea to check that presents don't contain any food before putting them under your tree as many festive favourites such as chocolate and mince pies are extremely dangerous for dogs. This also goes for chocolate tree hanging decorations, nobody wants a sick dog on Christmas Eve.

Christmas decorations & festive foliage

It can be worth dog proofing your decorations, avoid hanging breakable decorations on lower branches of the tree, as well as tinsel and Christmas lights too, we don’t want to tempt our dogs to play with them. If you have a real tree clean up the dropped needles regularly, they are sharp and can get stuck in your dogs paw. Some Christmas plants such as ivy, holly and poinsettias can be toxic to your dog, so keeping these out of reach up high on a unit or shelf is a good idea.

Feeding your tasty leftovers to your dog

It’s always nice to offer your dog an extra tasty treat over Christmas but be careful what you choose to give them. Turkey and other meats can contain bones that are dangerous and lots of our food can be too rich and salty. It is a much better idea to create your own dog friendly Christmas dinner and stuff it in a Kong® to give to your dog whilst you tuck into your Christmas dinner.


As fun as it is to have a house full of visitors, this can be an overwhelming time for your dog. If your only alternative is shutting the dog off in a different part of the house make sure you provide them with water, a comfy place to sleep and something safe to do such as a stuffed Kong®. If your guests bring their dog with them, always supervise the dogs together and use your judgement on how the dogs are getting along.


Although we’re way past Firework Night, many people let off fireworks over the holiday season. If you have a dog that is sensitive to the noise of fireworks make them a safe, comfy space such as a den. Walk them early, close the curtains and turn up the TV. Consider giving them a tasty stuffed Kong® or playing a game with them to distract them. Stroke and talk to your dog (if they want you to) but also allow them to hide in their den if they prefer. Make arrangements so they are not left alone.

If you'd like specific advice for your own puppy or dog on this issue or any other please email me startright@angelpets.co.uk

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